WPC is a type Vinyl Flooring That Is 100% Waterproof, unlike the basic vinyl and laminate floors.

LVT looks like Real Wood and Stone while being much more practical in terms of water resistance and designs.

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LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) adds depth and realism, durability, with a high performance wearlayer to a vinyl tile product — and it’s available at our flooring store in Virginia Beach. LVT offers the option of a less permanent floor than wood or ceramic tile, especially with the growing popularity of floating LVT floors. When a consumer selects a wood or ceramic floor, they should really be in love with it, as it will probably be in the home for a very long time. Whereas, LVT offers the option of changing the room design much easier when wanting to redecorate or remodel.

LVT is often confused with other hard flooring types such as laminate or Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT), despite its construction and aesthetic differences. With a wide range of design choices, LVT can replicate the look of natural hard flooring such as stone or wood, without the install or maintenance expenses associated with either. LVT can bring luster and glamour to any room and can be used in both commercial and residential applications. Contact us for more information about LVT, and stop by our showroom today.


Water Guard Collection

7.5″ x 7″ x 48″

Water Guard 2 Collection

19/64″ x 7″ x 48″

Vinyl Traditions Collection

7″ x 6.35mm x 48″

Southern Bay Collection

7″ x 48″ x 5.5mm

Riverside Collection

7.8mm x 9″ / 9 3/8″ x 60″

Riverstone Collection

5.5 mm x 7″ x 48″ / 60″ / 71″