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Four questions about tile flooring

As you search for the perfect tile flooring, we're sure you have questions. Understanding this flooring line is crucial to choosing the right products.

When you know more about the materials, your results will be better. So, here are four questions about tile floors for your consideration.

Are floor tiles durable?

Tile flooring offers exceptional durability, including crack, chips, scratch, and stain resistance. Even in your busiest spaces, these floors provide excellent wear resistance.

These are perfect for families with pets or children. And you can also use area rugs and runners for added protection.

What looks can I get with tile flooring?

Porcelain and ceramic tile flooring can mimic natural materials like stone and solid hardwood. But you'll also have plenty of more artistic choices, solid colors, and patterns.

Be sure to consider trending options that could keep you current longer. It's a great way to maintain long-term visual appeal.

How long does tile flooring last?

With a professional installation, tile flooring can last more than 50 years. Regular cleaning and maintenance can also help extend the lifespan of tile products.

How do I clean tile floors?

For most situations, you'll only need a broom and damp mop. Tile flooring does a beautiful job of picking up most debris.

Be sure to avoid any cleaners or tools that have an abrasive nature. If you have questions, feel free to contact us with them.

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